More and more friends are happy moms and dads are also happy, at the same time, there are more and more moms who care about their health and physical shape, starting from the fact that age is getting more and more delayed. which we decided to be parents, for different reasons.


In this post we will see new trends and practical tips to lose those kilos of more cattle during pregnancy and maintain a radiant figure. Remember that being fit and feeling strong will give you a lot of confidence in yourself.


  1. Test the HIIT:

Acronym for High Intensity Interval Training, or short series of high intensity exercise; a way to practice cardiovascular exercise whether it’s running, swimming, spinning, elliptical … in 15-20 minutes instead of the 45-60 of a regular cardio session.



We start by heating 5 minutes at a gentle pace, then we will perform series of between 40 seconds and 1.5 minutes at a high rate (Sprint), resting 20-30 seconds at the rate of 50% of the maximum. We will repeat the series between 6 and 10 times, and then we will do 2-3 minutes of cooling.


HIIT is proven to be one of the best routines to eliminate abdominal fat – Yes, yes, the gut runs down, not doing crunches! -.


  1. Goodbye to the mini dumbbells!

Every time we see more women in the gym that lift bigger weights. Keep in mind that more weight does not mean more volume, a belief rooted among the female audience for decades, since it is not so easy to gain volume in the gym – ask the boys. Use weights with which you can complete 8-12 repetitions without problems, this will make your arms, shoulders, abdomen, legs, buttocks, more firm. Remember that with a greater muscle tone you will burn more fat when you do cardio, or even walking.


  1. Exercise at home

You can exercise your body -and mind- without leaving home, the days that you do not feel like going out to the street or to your gym, or you have to take care of your baby and do not have dad at home.


There are very complete routines with which you can work your entire body, both strength exercises to gain tone as cardiovascular exercises to take care of your heart.


  1. Fat is your friend

Ok, I’m not discovering anything new, and you all know that fat does not make you fat, excess sugar and calories if you get fat. Fat helps you feel satisfied and give you energy during the day. That said, the fat has to come from healthy sources; the fat of a KitKat or a donut does not help you, instead the fat contained in nuts, eggs, salmon, Greek yogurt, avocado is amazing!


  1. Organic foods are worth it

Many people, especially mothers, want to protect their own food in preparation or growth -animals- are used hormones of dubious origin, drugs, pesticides … The growing demand for these products makes the offer is increasingly broad, that benefits the consumer.


Remember that a 0.3% improvement in your form a day, is a 100% improvement at the end of a year 🙂

And you, mom, what do you do to keep fit?