5 Tips to Recover After Your Fitness Session

After a workout, it is sometimes difficult to recover and aches can often last a few days. But is there a quick fix to recover faster? In fact, no, there is no quick fix that makes you recover in a snap of your fingers … But there are some tips that will help you feel better and maximize your recovery!

Above all, it is important to know that the recovery phase is as important as the training itself. It is necessary to let the muscle rest so that it can properly develop. This is why it is not recommended to work 3 days in a row the same muscle for example. On the other hand, rest will improve your ability and greatly reduce the risk of injury!


The more you promote your recovery, the more your sessions will be qualitative, intensive and fruitful. Recovery is therefore a very important process that should not be taken lightly to make good progress. Through this article, discover my tips to recover well after your workout and give your muscles the rest they deserve so that they can develop optimally.


The way you feed your body has a direct impact on your performance and recovery. As usual, food has a very important place! Eating well will provide your body with all the nutrients it needs, and most importantly, maximize your performance to keep your training program in the long run. You must eat properly before training and after your session is crucial.


Protein, fat, carbohydrates … It is necessary to adapt your meals and your quantities according to the objectives which you have fixed, that you are in mass grip or in dry season. Never forget what’s on your plate because the foods you eat will have a direct impact not only on your workouts, but also on your recovery phase and overall health.


When you do fitness or even other physical exercise, your body sweats to regulate its temperature and evacuate all toxins. To compensate for this great loss of water, it is essential that you drink a lot of water! You must drink during your effort but also after your training to eliminate waste accumulated during the effort and compensate for mineral losses. Hydration plays a valuable role: Hydrate yourself !! If you have trouble with water, drink tea or water flavored with lemon for example.


Stay hydrated throughout the day and during your trainings because if you do not drink enough, your recovery and your progress will be greatly slowed down. Consuming fresh fruit after the sport is also a good one to rehydrate. Especially that it can fill up with trace elements, carbohydrates, minerals and antioxidants. Convenient!


It’s well known, after doing a workout, you have to stretch! But why? First, the stretches promote the rebalancing of muscular tension, they allow to soften the tissues, to relieve the possible pains and all the genes which are linked to a retention of energy. Stretching also helps eliminate toxins secreted during exercise and helps prevent cramps. Finally, stretching helps to stimulate blood circulation throughout the body. They are therefore hyper beneficial, it should not be ignored to maximize your recovery.

Massages and self-massages

Dense and soft foam rollers, massage sticks, hard balls … There are many accessories to self-massage and effectively relax your muscles after exercise. Yes, but what for? It’s simple, pampering your body with self-massage can increase the range of your movements, locate blood flow and circulation, increase muscle flexibility, reduce pain and improve significant neuromuscular efficacy. In addition to self-massages, massages performed by a professional are also beneficial for the body.


The main objective is to reduce fatigue and stress to allow your body to start a new sport session in the best possible conditions. Massages also help reduce feelings of fatigue, muscle pain, calm the nervous system, promote sleep and blood circulation. So many benefits that promote your recovery!

The sleep

To recover well after your sessions, sleep is your best ally. Personally, I feel the effects directly: I am much less successful during my sessions if I have short sleep cycles and I do not take the time to rest well and make complete nights. On the other hand, when I sleep enough I feel much better, I go beyond my training and my fitness sessions are much more productive.


It is proven, deep sleep promotes the release of hormones for muscle recovery. With a good night’s sleep, you will progress in fitness and bodybuilding. You will be more able to increase your weight and you will gain muscle faster! So, get enough rest and have a good night’s sleep to be able to give everything during your trainings!


My recovery routine:

Right after my session: I take the time to stretch and I walk or bike indoor at low intensity for about 10 minutes. I take a protein shaker and rehydrate enough.


At home: I continue to hydrate myself and eat a high-protein meal. I take the time to relax psychologically and physically. And especially, I go to bed early to be able to recover well and be successful for my future sessions!


As you can see, the recovery phase is crucial to make good progress. Do not neglect these tips and apply them carefully to pamper your muscles, they deserve it! A well-controlled recovery routine will allow you to reach your goals faster and keep you in better physical and psychological condition.