Top 10 Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Do you want to practice physical activities, but do not feel excited about the enclosed academies? As an alternative to gymnastics gyms, municipal prefectures of various cities start to enter the academies outdoor fitness equipment singapore as an option of physical activity.

With a focus on senior citizens, outdoor gyms have a pleasant and often wooded environment to perform physical activities that contribute to working the body and strengthening the muscles.

The devices inserted in these outdoor gymnasiums are commonly the same ones, and they have an explanatory panel, near the place to carry out the exercises, in order to help people understand how to do the activity in the correct way, without risks to the spine and decreasing the possibility of twisting.

Thinking of helping you and encouraging exercise, we’ve listed the top 10 outdoor fitness equipment singapore.


1 – Stretching

Stretching machines allow the practice of exercises that increase muscle flexibility. Before performing other activities it is essential to stretch the body in order to provide greater agility and elasticity, preventing against possible injuries.


2 – Skiing

Skiing is a device similar to the elliptical meeting in the academies. However, the exercise performed is different, since the ski moves forward and backward, aiming to improve cardio respiratory function.


3 – Hiking simulator

The walking simulator is a device that contributes to increased mobility and improves motor coordination. In addition, when performing the activities in the device, the person also has a better cardio respiratory capacity.


4 – Riding Simulator

As outdoor gyms are mainly aimed at the elderly, the main benefit obtained with the exercises is the improvement of the cardiorespiratory capacity.

However, the riding simulator also contributes to the strengthening of the upper muscles.


5 – Double diagonal rotation

This appliance helps strengthen the muscles of the arm and shoulders. The practice of this exercise also increases mobility of the shoulders and elbows, being indicated mainly for people sedentary or who find difficulties in the joints.


6 – Leg pressure

With a similar function to the leg press , the leg press gives benefits to the musculature of the hips. Other benefits of exercises include strengthening lower limbs such as the thighs and calves.


7 – Multi-exerciser

The Multi-exerciser is responsible for strengthening, stretching and bringing greater flexibility to the body, both in the upper and lower limbs. In this device it is possible to practice stretching and knee flexion, straight and inclined bench press, high pull and vertical rotation.


8 – Rowing

This apparatus present in the open-air academies is very similar to the row found in the athletic centers. When performing the exercises, the person begins to have a strengthening of the muscles of the back, biceps and the posterior portion of the shoulder.


9 – Extensor and squatting

The activities present in the Extender and Squatting apparatus aim to work the lower limbs, strengthening the muscles of the legs and bringing greater flexibility.


10 – Vertical rotation

Vertical rotation is a device that contributes to strengthening the upper limbs. In addition, when performing the activities, the person will have greater flexibility of the shoulder joints.